Butterflies are beautiful, aren’t they?

Thymus vulgaris and some butterfliesAs a macro-photographer I often hear that the details I am showing are a little too much. Many people seem to still be afraid of all those hair and bulges and hooks and horns that can be found in insects. But insects are still somehow beautiful, aren’t they? And butterflies in particular. They are so colourful and seem to have nice shapes. They fly so gracefully and are the embodiment of ease.

Pieris napiArgynnini

When observing them for a longer time, they fly to all kind of flowers and who does not want to photograph this! :) But when you continue observing them, you will see one of them flying to that corpse of a run-over mouse to lick off the salty liquids flowing out of the former mouse. That is not so beautiful anymore and far from being photogenic. However, this is nature and if they don’t find any other source for gaining their salts, they will take it from this source.

Argynnis paphiaMelanargia galathea

Just recently somebody told me, that “you can find the secret of beauty in truth”. When looking at butterflies more in detail they become, like any insect, what most people would consider ugly. I would consider it interesting and true and thus beautiful!
Also there is a picture of a spider and according to our definition this is a really beautiful specimen! :)

Minois dryasAutographa gammaAraneus diadematus
Make sure to click on the images to get the full detail, if you dare! :)


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