orange tractor

In one of the forest patches near Toulouse we were working in, we found an awesome old (orange) tractor. I want to show you some impressions of it!


The tractor is not that big and quite open, as you see from the drivers place. When you look at the details and have a clue about those machines you can probably figure out how everything works. The string might have been used to regulate the motor somehow, at least it looked like it serves some purpose.

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Toulouse and a Meta-Analysis

My recent weeks were pretty tough with a lot to do and take care of. Now I finally find some time again to write some lines as a kind of update.

Toulouse_2013_101One of the bigger events that can be pinpointed as such was the general assembly of our smallFOREST project. This year it took place in Toulouse and I have to admit that I was quite prejudiced towards the city. This was mainly due to me driving through this industrial belt of Toulouse when travelling through the region and you can’t speak of it as a beautiful area. But the city centre is quite impressive, comparable to other cities of that size, not particularly dirty or chaotic but with a certain charm, not too perfect but nice to look at :). The people there are not much different than elsewhere in france, maybe a little more pragmatic.

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