orange tractor

In one of the forest patches near Toulouse we were working in, we found an awesome old (orange) tractor. I want to show you some impressions of it!


The tractor is not that big and quite open, as you see from the drivers place. When you look at the details and have a clue about those machines you can probably figure out how everything works. The string might have been used to regulate the motor somehow, at least it looked like it serves some purpose.


At least you can figure out to drive it and what a front bumper can all be used for (speaking of the zombie apocalypsis…).


The tractor is not that old after all, at least they have electronics on board already. And they don’t look too rotten.


So, i guess all in all this machine might still be useable, but it looks way nicer just standing there in the middle of the forest :).
One little detail I still found and which worries me a bit is this guy they put in there. Looks like they wired his legs up to some chords and use him as some kind of valve. What a messed up world are we actually living in?



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