New year, first flowers and some new ideas

Scilla bifolia - detail b/wFirst plants at the beginning of February already, you wonder? And yes, there are quite many plants flowering already. The hazel was flowering at the beginning of January when we had some sunny days and since than winter did not really come. There were several days with nice sunshine and rather high temperatures of around 10°C. Those temperatures make plants think it is spring already and to be honest, also me :). I have to remind myself lately quite often that there could still be some really cold days coming. We humans have not so big problems adapting to this as plants and insects do.

Scilla bifolia I b/w

The flowering should be accompanied by pollinators flying, but those are still resting and seldom flying around. I can still remember how some years ago, when I started photographing, I was eager photographing the first crocus flowers and there were dozens over dozens of bees humming all over the place. This must have been in March or April. This year the crocus came last week already and you can see it struggle with the still rough nights. I did not take any photos, since most of them did not look too photogenic. I think the cold temperatures kill those flowers that dare too much.

Galanthus nivalis b/wThe recent developments of course also influence small mammal communities and probably also ticks. I will be supervising at last one Bachelor-Thesis dealing with ticks this year and we will have to see how it works out. Warm winters and mast-years can lead to explosions in population density of some small mammals and this will definitely have an effect on tick populations. And since we have dense data of all kind and will collect the rest on our own there might be some nice results possible. I am really looking forward to this years’ scientific developments within my thesis :).
Even if winter should still come hard and heavy we can look at the effects this will have at our variables.

On a sidenote, my first camera is working again! This gives me some great possibilities and I am looking forward to explore them (if you see me running around with two big-ass cameras, don’t wonder about it…). The first thing I want to try are stereo-photographs. I am recently still missing the second lens, but also with one lens some cool effects are possible already. (click gif for better experience!)

Also there is now an awesome workflow available for creating 3D objects from photographs. This is called Photogrammetry and is still rather experimental. Especially the workflow I linked is mainly based on software that is still researched on and in constant developement. Over the year I want to dive into this a little more and hopefully I can adapt the technology so that I can create 3D models with a mentionable quality of insects maybe or plants.

As a final impression I still want to show you a photo I am rather proud of. Finally I got it managed to take a decent photo of the moon, enjoy!

The Moon


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