About this page

I am happy that you made it to my blog!

My aim with this blog is to have a kind of diary about the life as a PhD-Student (and probably also beyond that as a scientific assistant). I want to share my experiences about collecting data, evaluating them, writing publications and the every day struggle with all of those. Maybe I will also find some time to go deeper into scientific discussions and I am always happy about feedback. This includes of course scientific feedback, if you think that I published some total bullshit and the reviewer is also wrong, than let’s discuss about it!

I am a fan of open-access publication (and open source in general) and will also talk about things related to this kind of publication and other “academic-politics”-related issues.

To add up some extra spice, I want to show some of my best photos every now and then. I am a passionate nature photographer and when I find the time for it, I am crawling around in meadows to search for insects or plants, go on hiking tours to see the most awesome landscapes or explore different kinds of “experimental” photography.

So, let’s hope to have some fun together here!

Any content you can find here on this page represents only my personal opinion and view on the things. Anything written here that sounds like a scientific claim is not to be associated with the institution I am working for or in and reflects only ideas that float around in my head.
Neither do I intent to defame, purge, humiliate, and or injure anybody with the things I write here, nor do I take responsibility for the political and ethical views of those people behind links I might share here. According to §§ 8 – 10 TMG (german multimedia-law) I am not bound to check for illegal information which might be communicated by other sites. However, if I should get aware of such content in the comments or on any related website, I will deal with it immediately and if you, the reader are aware of such a problematic situation or find any other content I share here problematic, please contact me before you take any other measures.
Unfortunately I can not take any control over the way of how wordpress.com deals with data that emerge when you enter my blog. You have to be aware that wordpress.com also installs cookies on your system and is interested in statistics. You can try to deal with this problem yourself by following this link to read about firefox plugins that make your surfing-experience a lot saver and give the control over your data back to you.

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