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Ich werde in Kürze mit meinem Blog endgültig umziehen. Falls ihr Bookmarks gesetzt habt, ändert sie bitte auf Ich hab dort dann ein selbstgehostetes WordPress am laufen und kann damit auch mehr anstellen! Grundlegende Funktionalität ist jetzt schon gegeben, jetzt arbeite ich an der Integration einer schönen Gallerie. Das passiert auch nicht “einfach so”, sondern hat einen Grund. Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen einen weiteren Schritt in Richtung Selbstständigkeit zu gehen und werde in einigen Monaten anfangen meine Bilder zu verkaufen! Yeah :). Die Idee ist nicht, die Bilder bei irgend einem Dienstleister drucken zu lassen, wie das jeder x-beliebig Fotograph macht, sondern handgearbeitete Kunst zu verkaufen. Ich werde selbst Drucken, von normalen Bildern in Matt/Glänzend über Leinwand und auch Drucke auf Holz anbieten und verschiedene Techniken erproben um das Sortiment zu erweitern. Spezialformate kann ich bis zu einem gewissen Grad auch selbst anfertigen und für alle Sonderwünsche werde ich auf die Dienste meines Bruders zurückgreifen, der Digitaldrucker ist! An Ideen mangelt es nicht, lediglich an Zeit das alles schnell umzusetzen.

Letztendlich freue ich mich drauf und ja… auch die administrative Dinge müssen erledigt werden. Ich werde bald ein Gewerbe anmelden und mich durch den ganzen Wust an Unterlagen kämpfen, der da so auf einen wartet, werde einen Webshop veröffentlichen, muss den Rechtssicher machen (Abmahnanwälten sei dank!) und Produkte einpflegen… Da ich ab August erstmal einen Monat unterwegs bin, wird das alles aber nicht vor Mitte/Ende September fertiggestellt sein, aber ab dann gibts wieder News hierzu :).


I am gonna move my blog to another site eventually! If you have set bookmarks, now is the time to change them to I will be running a self-hosted wordpress and have a lot more opportunities for changes there. Basic functionality is ensured already, now I am working on incorporating a neat gallery. I am doing this not just “like that” but for a reason. I finally came to the decission to start my own little bussines and will start selling my photographs! Yeah :). The idea is not to sell just some random prints from some print-service provider like any other photographer, but to sell handcrafted pieces of art. I will be printing on my own, from normal matte/glossy over canvas up to wood-prints and try out additional techniques to enhance the assortement. I will also be able to provide some special formats, but for everything too special I will resort to my brothers skills, his job is digital printer! There are plenty ideas and only a lack of time…

I am looking forward to it all, but also administrative stuff has to be taken care of (which is a special pain in the ass in germany…). Anyway, I will start it all in September, since I am away from Freiburg for about a month from middle of August on. Than you can expect some more news!

Landscape – how to deal with it in science

Some definitions
…and their calculation
Further Reading


The title of this blog-post sounds like I want to solve all problems that exist when dealing with “Landscape” in scientific works. In fact this is in some way or the other even the overall or major aim of scientific work. Since I want to answer at least some of the questions that arise when one asks about which role “landscape” plays in understanding ecosystems and since my first scientific work is a meta-analysis about how small mammals depend on landscape composition and fragmentation, I at least want to try to give an overall answer or, more realistically, give hints on how we can find such an answer in this field. Some say that a meta-analyses wants to summarize the current status of a scientific field, but more realistically it will summarize the knowledge of one aspect only, due to the restrictions when calculating the meta-analysis. Thus, this meta-analysis tries to evaluate if it is possible to develop a general model for small mammals and the dependence of their density on landscape parameters.

With this blog-post I want to:

  1. give some definitions to clarify how I see and work with landscape and
  2. to show the techniques used to calculate the landscape parameters for the meta-analysis.

Some of the information might change, if we have to adapt something or add or remove some parameters, since they seem to be of importance. A big difference of this meta-analysis to other meta-analyses is, that we calculate a big part of the material we want to evaluate on our own and don’t rely on the reported statistics only. This is mainly due to all the nice fellow researchers which were generous enough to hand over their raw data and will in return participate as co-authors in this work! All landscape parameters are calculated from the corine land cover and the Global Forest Change (GFC) dataset. The corine dataset is provided by the European Environmental Agency and freely available to everybody. The Global Forest Change dataset has been published by Hansen, Potapov, Moore, Hancher et. al (2013) under a CC BY 4.0-license.

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Growing your own veggies in a “raised bed”

cucumber flowerI wanted to do this for a long time already and this year I finally found the time and motivation for it. A bed for growing vegetables, the special thing about it is, that it is raised off the ground. This has several positive effects and in my garden those effects are even required to grow vegetables. The garden is on the north side of the house and thus the sunshine-time is not as long as it could be otherwise. Also snails are a big issue, several neighbours also complain that it is impossible to grow vegetables due to snails which come in great numbers and devour everything humans also would like to eat :). Since I am not a fan of killing any animal without a really good reason and without considering all alternatives, I decided to go for the raised bed. This meant a lot of effort building it – it took me several weekends and some euros to finally have it standing – but I can keep my hands off any chemicals or other means to keep away snails and other pests. It is now two weeks since than and my first resume is quite good. All plants were able to start growing in their new home. They invested their energy in repairing and increasing the root-mass and now the first new young leaves are visible. Only one little salad was eaten by something… I don’t know what that was, but I will observe it. In the next chapters I will talk a little about details of several aspects of building and maintaining it and of course there are pictures again!


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New year, first flowers and some new ideas

Scilla bifolia - detail b/wFirst plants at the beginning of February already, you wonder? And yes, there are quite many plants flowering already. The hazel was flowering at the beginning of January when we had some sunny days and since than winter did not really come. There were several days with nice sunshine and rather high temperatures of around 10°C. Those temperatures make plants think it is spring already and to be honest, also me :). I have to remind myself lately quite often that there could still be some really cold days coming. We humans have not so big problems adapting to this as plants and insects do.

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orange tractor

In one of the forest patches near Toulouse we were working in, we found an awesome old (orange) tractor. I want to show you some impressions of it!


The tractor is not that big and quite open, as you see from the drivers place. When you look at the details and have a clue about those machines you can probably figure out how everything works. The string might have been used to regulate the motor somehow, at least it looked like it serves some purpose.

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Toulouse and a Meta-Analysis

My recent weeks were pretty tough with a lot to do and take care of. Now I finally find some time again to write some lines as a kind of update.

Toulouse_2013_101One of the bigger events that can be pinpointed as such was the general assembly of our smallFOREST project. This year it took place in Toulouse and I have to admit that I was quite prejudiced towards the city. This was mainly due to me driving through this industrial belt of Toulouse when travelling through the region and you can’t speak of it as a beautiful area. But the city centre is quite impressive, comparable to other cities of that size, not particularly dirty or chaotic but with a certain charm, not too perfect but nice to look at :). The people there are not much different than elsewhere in france, maybe a little more pragmatic.

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Butterflies are beautiful, aren’t they?

Thymus vulgaris and some butterfliesAs a macro-photographer I often hear that the details I am showing are a little too much. Many people seem to still be afraid of all those hair and bulges and hooks and horns that can be found in insects. But insects are still somehow beautiful, aren’t they? And butterflies in particular. They are so colourful and seem to have nice shapes. They fly so gracefully and are the embodiment of ease.

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