first Blog entry

So this is my first blog entry. It will probably not be the best or most awesome entry that I make since I want to see several things in action. First of all, there is the hashtag #fundiv, let’s see if t works. Secondly, I added a picture to this entry and I am really curious how it will be incorporated in my posting.

Also I need a paragraph, to extend the length of this text a bit. I want to see how longer postings look like in the template I now chose (after 3 hours of browsing and adjusting…).

A little background on the hashtag. Last week I have had the honour to take part in a summer-school, organized by the coordinators of the FunDivEurope project. There we discussed using social media to raise awareness about scientific projects and how to spread the knowledge those projects generate into the public audience. Apparently I am the only one so far seriously using this, even though I am not part of this project. Anyway, for my/our project #smallFOREST this might also be a good idea and even though there is an official website existing, nobody is actively doing anything related to public relations and/or social media either. I will now at least pick up the idea and post a bit about my progress in this project and thus also some information and meta-information about the smallFOREST project.

I am btw also starting a Link-Collection related to topics such as biodiversity, fragmentation, ecosystem services and such “buzzwords”.