Growing your own veggies in a “raised bed”

cucumber flowerI wanted to do this for a long time already and this year I finally found the time and motivation for it. A bed for growing vegetables, the special thing about it is, that it is raised off the ground. This has several positive effects and in my garden those effects are even required to grow vegetables. The garden is on the north side of the house and thus the sunshine-time is not as long as it could be otherwise. Also snails are a big issue, several neighbours also complain that it is impossible to grow vegetables due to snails which come in great numbers and devour everything humans also would like to eat :). Since I am not a fan of killing any animal without a really good reason and without considering all alternatives, I decided to go for the raised bed. This meant a lot of effort building it – it took me several weekends and some euros to finally have it standing – but I can keep my hands off any chemicals or other means to keep away snails and other pests. It is now two weeks since than and my first resume is quite good. All plants were able to start growing in their new home. They invested their energy in repairing and increasing the root-mass and now the first new young leaves are visible. Only one little salad was eaten by something… I don’t know what that was, but I will observe it. In the next chapters I will talk a little about details of several aspects of building and maintaining it and of course there are pictures again!


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New year, first flowers and some new ideas

Scilla bifolia - detail b/wFirst plants at the beginning of February already, you wonder? And yes, there are quite many plants flowering already. The hazel was flowering at the beginning of January when we had some sunny days and since than winter did not really come. There were several days with nice sunshine and rather high temperatures of around 10°C. Those temperatures make plants think it is spring already and to be honest, also me :). I have to remind myself lately quite often that there could still be some really cold days coming. We humans have not so big problems adapting to this as plants and insects do.

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